Friday, August 11, 2017

Don't grow your hair just for the sake of doing it, do something with your hair!

Hello brothers and sisters, it has been a while since I posted my last video, a lot has been going on. Anyway, today I have an awesome video for you, my dear friends.
Today, I am just going to talk about my hair, well, you might think what’s special about my hair. It is long, yes, it is long but it took me some time to grow it this long. Also, it is unique, only mine. However, the reason why I am making this video is to bring consciousness to people so they can grow their hair long, after is quite long they can donate it to children or in general to people who lose their hair after receiving chemotherapy.
First, I would like to start talking about how this idea started. When I was a child it was cool to have a pony tale. You know, how you are when you’re a child, you absorb everything. By absorbing everything, I mean you want to do anything the adults do. For instance, when I was little, I saw a lot of coolness on people smoking, so I started to smoke very early, (that’s good for I stopped to smoke early). Later, I saw people with a little pony tails growing on the back of their heads for that specific purpose. So, when I was 5 years old I had my first pony- tail. It was cool, I had the sensation that a lot of people will see me and therefore will give me an approbation, in the end, don’t you need to get the social approval, but I will leave that for another video. I kept my pony tail for couple of years until some professor demanded me to have a “so called normal hair”. The idea got off from my mind for some time until couple years ago I decided to grow it again. First for getting the attention of chicks, didn’t work. Later for doing this video.
Second, why growing your hair long, to me it is very important to grow my hair long, as I want to have some change in my physical appearance. I mean, don’t you get bored of seeing your same self, every day, every year, I don’t know. I have also read that increases your intuition, I will talk about this on some other video later.
            Third, how to handle your long hair, well having long hair it is stressful if you don’t tie it, especially on summer times. The way I can handle my long hair I use ruberbands, they will help me going through the day. At night time, I removed them so that I sleep relaxed.
Fourth, who can grow their hair long, you might say females, not only females, that is an old paradigm that we need to get rid of, in the old cultures people from different cultures will grow their hair long, I will name just a few: Olmecs, Chinese, Zapotec, Aztec, Incas, Mayans, Hindu, between many others. Everybody can grow their hair long, females and males and all ages, but not everybody will make a difference in another’s people’s lives, therefore I make this video, as I said it before, to bring consciousness in peoples’ lives
Five, why considering donating your hair, this is the 2nd time I am donating my hair the first time I donated it was to locksoflove. com, the 2nd I don’t know, I am still looking for a very trustful and reliable site, which sends me to another topic
Six where can I donate my long hair, I would first ask to my hair stylist person or in the place you’re getting a haircut. Tell them you’re fucken tired of this beautiful hair and you want to give some happiness to other people. In the meantime, I will post some sites you can go and send them via mail.
The sites are: locks of, no, locks of love it is not on my list, unless they proved me wrong, you know what I am talking about. it is ok and the best one.
Ok, having said that, I am going to make a stop and comeback. Please subscribe and share. I will see you in the next video
Also, if you have any question or suggestion about this video, another video or just want to get your voice heard, please comment down below.
Thank you for watching!

Video is coming up!

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